About Us


LitTech.co is one of the leading companies in the market for information technology. We in IT systems we are the product of an ongoing training and a strong conviction and responsibility for what we do. We have a team of top-level consultants with certifications Microsoft, HP, DELL and engineers in information systems development and project leadership.


LitTech.co llc was founded in 2010 by Jose Hernandez.
He is currently President of LitTech.co and Luz Cordova one of major shareholders.

LiTech Security


In LitTech.co we offer the market a wide range of technology solutions, increasing productivity and efficiency. Our goal is based primarily on assisting companies in the development of IT projects, as well as provide them with adequate service to every need.
Our philosophy is that the Our Technician Team Certifed offer a service that allows our customers to maximize resources and minimize costs, providing constant advice on new technologies.
Our professional systems with ongoing training. We possess all the necessary theoretical knowledge, combined with extensive experience in the computer field and dedication to service, allowing us to develop our work with the best results.
We have extensive experience in installing and configuring hardware and software base, as well as solve problems in the short term.